Small Groups

The Path: A Deep Dive Into Scripture

Sundays Beginning September 18

On this journey through the scriptures, from Genesis to Revelation, participants learn that the hope God offered to the faithful in ages past is the very same hope to which God is calling us today. Through thought-provoking questions in the curriculum and weekly group discussions, participants examine all of the highlights of the biblical narrative—and learn how the pieces of the story fit together.

Pub Theology

Mondays at 7:30pm
McNellie's South City (71st and Yale)

Discussion on faith and contemporary issues in a casual environment. This is a safe group to ask questions or explore thoughts about God.

Story Groups

Fall / Spring

Story Groups is something that combines three things the Episcopal Church does very well - we gather, we pray, we listen. Story Groups presents us with the gift of acquaintance with each other and with God’s grand story.

Freed-Up Financial Living

Starts June 9th

There are more scriptures in the Bible about money than there are about prayer and faith combined. Yet the percentage of Christians that actually manage their money using Biblical wisdom is relatively low.

Good Sense and Crossroads believe this should change, so we partnered to create the FreedUp program. FreedUp offers culturally-current resources to help guide and equip believers to manage money in healthier ways, through Biblical wisdom.

Groups and Classes