Foundations Welcome Class

Foundations Welcome Class

At various times in the year Christ Church offers a welcome class.
Beginning on Sunday afternoon, January 21st at 12:00 p.m. in the PAC we will launch two Foundation Classes:
Foundations 101: A Welcome to Christ Church and
Foundations 201: Deepening Our Ties.

Contact Father Everett Lees for more information. Childcare for children under 3 is available, children over 3 are invited to attend Sunday School.

Foundations 101
For newcomers or visitors who want to learn about Christ Church and the Episcopal Church. Instruction typically includes information concerning the beliefs, history, worship, and practices of the Episcopal Church.
January 21st
The History of the World: From Adam and Eve to Today (in Under 40 minutes)

January 28th
Holy Scripture: It’s a Tricycle Not a Stool

February 4th
Holy Communion: It’s a Trip

February 11th
Prayer: The Daily Office and Formation

February 18th
Public Witness: Don’t Be a Jerk

February 25th
Next Steps: Finding Your Ministry

March 1st

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Foundations 201 Next Class to be Announced Soon
A Deeper Dive into the Book of Common Prayer and Episcopal Beliefs and Practices. Each person will need a Book of Common Prayer, the book “Walk in Love,” and a Bible. 
Introduction: “There and Back Again” Religious Background (and Baggage)

The Way of Love: Episcopal Way of Christianity (within the Anglican Communion) Loving, Liberating and Life-Giving: Practices for a Jesus-Centered Life

The Sacraments Part I – Baptism and Eucharist
The Sacraments Part II – Confirmation, Marriage, Confession, Healing, Ordination

Marking Time (The Liturgical Calendar and Holy Week/Easter)

Basic Beliefs (Creeds, Bible, Salvation and Prayer)

The Church (Ecclesiastic Structure) & Trinitarian Life (Incarnational and Trinitarian Theology)

Spiritual Practices (Daily Offices, etc.)

Conclusion: What makes the Episcopal Church and Christ Church unique? Contemporary Issues & Getting Involved.