Wesley Wilson

Parish Administrator

Where are you from? Broken Arrow, OKĀ 

What’s your favorite thing about your role at Christ Church? Without hesitation, my most favorite thing about my role at Christ Church is helping parishioners, guests, and friends continually feel the embrace of love and grace that makes Christ Church so very amazing.

Describe Christ Church in three words: Reflection of Grace

What’s a movie or show everyone should see and why? “Casino Royale”

Definitely everyone needs to see this movie because it gives you over 2 hours of indulgence into international espionage, adventure, romance, British culture, and a very abstract preview to the world’s most amazing Aston Martin.

What book did you love growing up and how did it impact you? “South: The Endurance Expedition”

I’ve always been naturally drawn to exploring, wandering, and finding new places and experiences. The story of Sir Ernest Shackleton and his crew’s response and survival through months of extreme misfortune and absolute misery near the South Pole has always helped guide me in the perspective of perseverance through disasters of all kinds throughout life. Plus, it is one of the most incredible stories of survival in life’s harshest elements that I think has ever been told.

What talent or skill do you wish you possessed? I wish I could make small talk feel a lot less awkward than I already do. I’m very bad at small talk… as in embarrassingly bad at it.

Name something on your bucket list? To summit the highest point in all 50 American states.

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