Shauna Westall

Choir Director

Where are you from? Bristow, OK

What’s your favorite thing about your role at Christ Church? I love the wide range of personalities in the choir, and the choir members’ genuine love for music.

Describe Christ Church in three words: Welcoming, Meaningful, Fun

What’s a movie or show everyone should see and why? That’s a hard one…maybe Seinfeld? I like the perspective that every day situations can be funny and even ridiculous at times.

What book did you love growing up and how did it impact you? I can’t pinpoint a specific book, but mysteries have always been my favorite. I think I enjoy the “problem solving” aspect.

What talent or skill do you wish you possessed? I wish that I was good at visual arts or crafts.

Name something on your bucket list? Travel to all 50 states.

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