Christ Church is beginning an exciting new ministry in January. Story Groups is something that combines three things the Episcopal Church does very well -We gather, we pray, listen. Story Groups presents us with the gift of acquaintance with each other and with God’s grand story.
Beginning the week of January 15th, three different Story Groups will gather each week for 12 weeks ending with the last session the week before Palm Sunday.
Christ Church on Wednesday at 10:30am. Leader Lynn Woodward
Panera Bread (41st and Hudson) Thursday at 7am. Leader Patti Snyder
Christ Church on Wednesday at 6:30pm. Leader Don Dyer and Mike Douthitt
(childcare is provided for the Wednesday evening gathering)
You can choose the convenient time and place for your schedule. You have the option of meeting with different groups before committing to one group in the third week. We will be working from “The Path,” a 360 degree view of God’s Grand story and his love for us. There will be a small fee for the books, however we don’t want anyone to miss out on the opportunity to participate, scholarships are available.