We are God’s people.  Our story is recorded in the pages of the Bible – a sacred story that continues to unfold in each one of our lives.  When we share our life journeys, our lives become like many threads, woven together with the golden thread of God’s Holy Word.  Christ Church is sponsoring Story Groups for this purpose.
Story Groups are not about “answers” or “doctrine.”  Story Groups are a place for mutual friendship and support.  Together we will draw closer to Jesus Christ through engagement with the story of God’s people – the Bible.  Daily Bible reading and devotional practices will be encouraged.  Weekly attendance is expected.  Story Groups will meet weekly during Fall and Spring terms that last about 12 weeks, with a three-week enrollment period at the beginning of each term.  Story Groups also engage in a service project and a social event. 
Story Groups begin in September and January.
You can choose the convenient time and place for your schedule. You have the option of meeting with different groups before committing to one group in the third week.