5:30 p.m. // Wednesdays // (childcare)

Why yoga in church? 

Yoga is a tool for spiritual development.  Our yoga mats create a sacred space for us to prepare our bodies, breath and hearts to connect with God in new ways.  We use asana, physical postures and movement with pranayama, energizing breath, to quiet our minds. This mind quietening allows us to get out of our heads, so we can truly open our hearts for spiritual connection. 

Isn’t yoga just a type of exercise? 

Asana, physical postures and movement does exercise our bodies and usually results in increased strength and flexibility.  Lots of people, especially in the U.S. and the west, in general, use yoga postures to increase strength, endurance and flexibility and that is the primary goal they are trying to accomplish.  For most who practice yoga, the physical benefits that come from disciplined asana practice, are happy side effects, rather than the goal itself.   

What can I expect from yoga in church?

We begin our practice with centering, connecting with our breath, sharing an opening prayer.  We gently transition into our simple asana practice, which is appropriate for all levels of experience. All postures are safe, accessible and easy to follow for all who are participating. We end our asana practice with savasana, which is a period of rest and practice assimilation that prepares us for a brief period of meditation/contemplation.  We close our time together with a closing prayer. 

Bring a yoga mat and wear comfortable clothing.  No special, fancy yoga clothing is needed. Our practice is barefoot, so we leave our shoes outside the sanctuary (with our phones and our egos.)

Our goal is to use our bodies and breath to quiet our minds, so we can connect with the Holy Spirit in new ways.  This practice will not provide the space for you to perfect your bird of paradise or handstand, and although you will likely see physical benefits, the goal is not exercise.  Challenging poses and exercise are fun and important things, just not what we are trying to accomplish here.  

Because teacher directed physical movement is involved in our experience, all participants must sign a liability release before participating.  

Have more questions?

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