Will Retherford // Creative Director

Will is a....

singer/songwriter studying theology based in NYC with my wife and two kids.
I am a charismatic expressor, and a practitioner of liturgical spirituality.  The closest label you could give me is a "post-evangelical charismatic Anglican," but I don't like labels.  My youth group was Word of Faith, but my seminary is Episcopalian.  I am a 7 on the Enneagram which means I am addicted to adventure and shiny things.  I love yoga, 1928 pipe tobacco, Laphroig 10 scotch, and William Shatner Star Trek.  I learned to cry in 2016, and I still mourn the loss of Bernie Sanders.  The deepest love I know is for my kids, Oliver Jude and Daisy Ella, and my stunning gal, Charis Ruth.  I enjoy writing about faith and have written for Relevant MagazineThe Worship Community, and 10,000 Fathers. I love making music about faith as well - take a listen.  I belong to Doxa TheoEvery Nation NYCGeneral Theological Seminary, and The Order of Saint Anthony.


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