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Sarah Plummer // Children's Director


I grew up in Sapulpa and while attending church there was the Youth and Children’s Director before coming to Christ Church in 2011.

I love working with kids because they constantly surprise me with what they can comprehend and their understanding of the sometimes confusing and complex nature of God and His creations. They very often teach me. Their honesty and unguarded nature are always refreshing and often funny and they always make me smile.

My day job is working in the Marketing & Communications Office at OSU Institute of Technology. When I’m not at my job or working with kids at church, I’m spending time with my family and friends, catching up on my favorite TV shows and movies, reading a book or planning my next awesome vacation.



Book -Harry Potter series or anything by Jane Austen

Drink- Coca-cola (except during Lent)

Movie- I can’t pick one so... Sixteen Candles; Sandlot; Jurassic Park; Singing in the Rain; Psycho; Princess Bride; Muppets Christmas Carol; Raising Arizona; Pitch Perfect; Hot Fuzz

Hobby- Traveling